Ridgewood is a different kind of Baptist church. We are an open community where the doubts and questions of life are just as important as the certainties and answers. We strive to be a thinking, feeling, healing community of faith where everyone is welcome. That means everyone.

Maybe you come having never missed a Sunday service. Maybe you come having never entered a church building before. Maybe you are coming back to church after many years away. Wherever you are on life’s journey, please know that you are welcome here at Ridgewood Baptist Church. 

Your questions are welcome. 
Your celebrations are welcome.
Your sorrows are welcome.
Your joys are welcome.
You are welcome.
Just the way you are.



We believe that Jesus Christ is the source of new life, and that we have been called to be a thinking, feeling, and healing community of faith which shares the story of how Christ's love is changing the direction of our lives.

Ridgewood Baptist Church is in an ongoing partnership withHighland Baptist Church which provides pastoral leadership and volunteer support to Ridgewood's efforts to be a dynamic, progressive voice of faith in Southwest Jefferson County.

Sunday Service


9:45 am   Bible Study

11:00 am Worship         


6:30 pm Children's Activities

6:30 pm Youth Bible Study

​7:30 pm Sanctuary Choir Rehearsal


10:00 am - 2:00 pm  Mon., Tues., & Fri.

9:00 am - 4:00 pm     Wed., Thurs.

6209 Greenwood Rd

Louisville, Kentucky 40258

Ridgewood Baptist Church in the News

National Public Radio reporter, Tom Gjelten did a piece which featured Ridgewood Baptist Church. The piece is available online.  Follow the links below to listen.

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Following the airing of the NPR piece, Ridgewood Baptist Church was written about in an article from Baptist News Global.  Follow the link below to read it for yourself.

CBF church models open attitude on NPR

Ridgewood Baptist Church