Worship at Ridgewood

Ridgewood Baptist Church is worshipping in-person, beginning at 11am on Sundays. We also offer a live-stream for those who are worshipping at home. 


Even in worship, we like to remember the Justice we seek to be a part of. Prior to our Offering Prayer, we have a "Call to Justice," where a staff member or volunteer bring to mind a specific Justice cause or opportunity. We have a responsive liturgy that centers our hearts on the work of justice in the world. 


Each week, you'll hear a Sermon - or, a 15-20 minute prepared "speech" that challenges you to think about a scripture and how it applies to our lives spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally. 

response + Communion

In Fall 2023, we began to take communion each week together. It relates directly to who we are - welcoming all people, always. We remember that we are welcomed to the table of grace by Jesus, who ate with people who would betray him, deny him, and desert him - still, he offered them a meal and a part of himself. All are welcome at the communion table. All ages, all genders, all demographics -- all people (and animals for that matter...service animals, welcome!). During this time, one of the Pastors stands at the front of the room to greet people as they come forward if they'd like to join in membership, if they are sensing a call to ministry, if they are sensing a call to be baptized, or if they'd like prayer.  


Our worship service is blended with intention - each week, we sing a hymn together from the hymnal, and we also have a band lead us in modern worship music. If you'd like to lend your gifts as a volunteer musician, we'd love to chat. Email Stu Perry, stu@ridgewoodlouisville.org.


It is important to us that children are not just seen in worship, but participate in worship. Each Sunday, you will probably hear a child or youth lead our Call to Worship or read the scripture for the day. We offer a Children's Moment, where a staff member or volunteer make the focus of the day child-friendly (although, our adults usually get something out of it, too!). 

Each Sunday, we offer Children's Church. Children will leave about 15-20 minutes into the service to participate in a learning opportunity of their own. They will re-gather with their families at the end of worship in the sanctuary. For more information on Children's programming, visit this page

Worship is broadcast weekly on the Ridgewood Baptist Church Facebook Page at 11am ET.