a progressive congregation in Southwest Louisville

Worship with us Sundays, 11am


Ridgewood Baptist Church is a growing, theologically progressive community in Southwest Louisville, Kentucky. We have folks who drive around the corner, Valley Station, the Highlands, Fern Creek, Southern Indiana, St. Matthews, Butchertown, Iroquois, the East End and more.

Our worship service emphasizes the Love of God through inclusive language and words of hope and challenge, not fear or militaristic imagery.

We share Communion every week. This reminds us that all are welcome, always. 


We are proud to offer a 6am-6pm, Monday-Friday Child Development Center ministry to the community, offering meals and 3C's options for ages 6 weeks through age 12 (before/after school). 


Through June and July, we're taking a look at those tough texts in the Bible. Murderers get away, children are (almost) sacrificed... how is this in our scripture? This summer, explore with us "How to Get Away with Murder*...*and other questionable happenings in the Bible." 



Ridgewood is proud to be a place where all are welcome: no matter what you look like, no matter who you love. We celebrate all God's children. We are an open & affirming community. We're not perfect, but we're committed to learning and caring for all God's children. Read more here.

Sermon Podcast

Missed a Sunday? Want to hear what a sermon sounds like before you come in-person? We've got you.

Sermons are available Spotify, iTunes, and Podbean. Follow us!

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Being involved looks a little different for everyone. Some folks find fulfilment and purpose by connecting to a Ministry Group or small group. Some folks are here to just "be."

Wherever you find yourself, you are welcome.