Pastor's Study

"how to be an anti-racist"

What if being "not racist" isn't enough to combat racism?

Announcing our Lent 2021 Churchwide Book Study! Join us Wednesday nights at 6:30pm beginning February 24 on Zoom.

“How to be An AntiRacist” by Ibram X. Kendi is available on Amazon, but please check with your favorite local bookstore first.

You do not have to be a member or attendee of Ridgewood to join! Here’s why Pastor Molly chose this book:

• Lent marks the 40 days that Jesus spent in the desert before beginning his ministry. We spend 40 days remembering his commitment to prayer and fasting — an inner commitment for a spiritual change. We often give up chocolate, Diet Coke, or something else that reminds us, even vaguely, of the sacrifice Christ made for us. Instead, what if we committed to adding a spiritual renewal or practice? How might that change your understanding of God in our midst?

• because of the racial divide that plagues our nation, we also want to self-examine our hearts, beliefs, and language around race to not just be neutral, but to actively work against the sin of racism.

• in August 2020, Ridgewood came together to write a “Commitment to Racial Justice” statement. We realized, as a church body, that we need to continue to learn and we need to be uncomfortable.

• one part of our three part action plan was to LEARN. “We commit to increasing our self-awareness as an institution and individuals.”

• we are not afraid of a challenge; we are not afraid to ask and answer hard questions; we are committed to progressing our language, understand, and faith forward.

The Zoom link for each week's class will be sent out via email on Wednesdays.

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