Visiting with us?

We're happy you're here! Below, you'll find some frequently asked questions by those visiting.

Where do I go in?

You can come in the front, glass doors that face Greenwood Road. Through the front doors, you'll enter into our Foyer where you will find a Greeter to say hello. From the lobby, you can enter the back of the Sanctuary. We typically close the Sanctuary doors at the start of worship, but you're welcome to come in at any time. There are also restrooms in the front foyer. 

There is plenty of parking in the front, and there is more parking behind the church. If you are in need of a ramp for wheelchair access, you'll want to access our building from the back where you'll find a ramp. This leads to a gray door that gives access to the hallway leading to the front of the Sanctuary. 

What time does worship start?

Worship begins at 11:00am in our Sanctuary; we begin our live-stream to Facebook at 10:55am on Sunday mornings.  

What if I don't know what I believe?

We're all figuring this out together. Our starting point is that God is Love, not judgment. From there, we listen, study, question, and explore. We proudly consider ourselves "progressive," but work to make sure our hearts match our theology, which matches our language, which matches our actions. It's a learning process.

What do I wear to worship?

You'll see a little bit of everything! We've all grown up in different worship styles and spaces, so whatever feels right to you. You'll see some in blazers, others in t-shirts. 

What do I call the pastor?

Some folks refer to our Pastor as "Pastor Molly," others just use "Molly." Either is correct! 

How do I get there?

Ridgewood is located at 6209 Greenwood Road. We are near the intersection of Greenwood Road and Terry Road, but closer to the PRP Post Office. We have folks travel in from Vine Grove, Taylorsville, Jeffersontown, St. Matthews, Valley Station, the Highlands, Iroquois, Outer Loop, Southern Indiana, and Crescent Hill. We have folks that live right around the corner, and an hour away. When you find a good faith community, the drive is worth it!