maundy thursday & good friday

Maundy Thursday

6:30pm, Communion Service (Outdoor)

Labyrinth & Prayer Stations, Open 12-2pm, 4-8pm

At 6:30pm, we will offer a simple, outdoor communion service on the front steps. Communion will be pre-packaged with gloves and masks, and distributed by Pastor Molly to those in attendance. The service will last approximately 15 minutes, weather permitting.

On Thursday, April 1 and Friday, April 2, we will be opening our Sanctuary with a Prayer Labyrinth (example, pictured above) and Prayer Stations to our church and community. If you have not walked a labyrinth before, there will be guides for you upon arrival. We are offering an RSVP for the Labyrinth and/or Prayer Stations, either online or by calling the church office at (502) 935-1952. Even if you have not made a reservation, you are welcome. Those without a reservation may need to wait for a few extra moments upon arrival to begin.

To RSVP for a time to walk the labyrinth, click here.

Walking the labyrinth takes approximately 15-20 minutes, but you are welcome to take the time you need. It will be placed on the floor in the open space in the back of Ridgewood’s Sanctuary. We will also have 7 guided Prayer Stations around the outside of the Sanctuary. Both of these offerings will be available on Thursday and Friday, from 12-2pm, and 4-8pm.

In the case of inclement weather, those present for Communion may circle around the back of the Sanctuary (masked, distanced) and we will live-stream the service.

good friday

Virtual Worship, Facebook & Email

Labyrinth & Prayer Stations, Open 12-2pm, 4-8pm

Our Labyrinth will again be available for your use in the Sanctuary (please see above for details).

In addition to the Labyrinth, on Thursday and Friday we will be offering guided Prayer Stations that focus on the 7 Last Words of Jesus. These stations will be set up along the outside of the Sanctuary and will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. You may come on one, or both days, and participate in either or both prayer experiences.

On Friday, we will also be sharing short, meditative moments via Facebook and email. These short videos will be released every 2 hours, beginning at 8am. Content will vary. The theme and scriptures will parallel the Prayer Stations in the Sanctuary.